How to Download, Install and Configure McAfee Internet Security on Mac!

Who does not want total protection while they surf the web? Of course, everyone does need protection and secured methods to save their systems from the phishing activities which the internet is the hub of! That is why; most of the customers prefer to install McAfee Internet security in their systems to get the real-time scanning and protection.
Although, Mac provides the security to its users however it does not give real-time protection and do not fixes the files which might have been corrupted. So many Mac users also prefer to install internet security in their system. However, many times they face issues while they download, install or configure the antivirus in their system. So when you try to install the application on your system then make sure that there is no file of the previous installation is stored in your computer. Plus if you are unable to do it by yourself and not able to successfully install the antivirus on your Mac then talk to experts to take McAfee Antivirus Support. If you want to do it by yourself then you can follow the steps provided below by our experts.


Steps to download, install and Configure McAfee Internet Security on Mac

  • To download the application, restart the system and then open your default browser and browse through
  • Then you are required to click on “my account” and select “sign-in”.
  • Give your credentials correctly and then click on “log-in”.
  • Select “McAfee Internet Security” which will be under “my apps”.
  • Under “protect your all devices” you will see the “download” button and you are required to click on that.
  • License agreement wizard will be shown and to continue you have to click on “I’ve read and accept the License Agreement”.
  • Then you will see the “download” option and under that, you will see a serial number note it down.
  • Click on “download” and the file will be downloaded to your “download folder”.
  • To install the application successfully, you have to locate the downloaded file and double-click on it.
  • Double click on the “McAfee-MacInstaller-3.x.dmg” and on “McAfee-MacInstaller” to begin with the installation process.
  • You will be prompted to enter the Mac credentials and type the credentials correctly.
  • You now will be asked of the serial number, enter the serial number you penned down while downloading the product.
  • Now the wizard will appear after the installer downloads and scans your computer and follow the instructions which the prompt gives you and then click on “finish”.
  • Then on “trust” when the safari prompts you that you trust the “SiteAdvisor extension”.
  • Take McAfee Technical Support if you are not able to configure the antivirus properly on your Mac.

Get the best support from the expert’s team via McAfee support number

If you are still facing issues while downloading, installing or configuring the application then contact the experts via McAfee Support Number toll-free.



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